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Are you an actor or interested in becoming an actor?
Marble Academy here in Manchester is devoted to tutoring actors who are passionate about acting, want to work on their talent, expand their techniques and are aiming to make it their career. We focus on getting students to bring out the best performances they can.
Here at Marble Academy we also concentrate on getting our students on networking pages, and scan audition sites for them to put them forward for possible and suitable auditions. 
We also work towards putting on theatrical productions and doing ‘Showcases’ so our students can perform sketches, monologues and scenes in front of an audience.



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Christian Le Feuvre is the founder and tutor at 'Marble Academy'.
From starting acting at school, the passion for acting has never gone away. Christian has, along with his acting work, hosted his own show on the radio.
Now sharing his passion and craft with students, Christian is a passionate tutor and aims to get the best performances out of his students.


"What I can promise is the dedication to improving your talent, building your self-confidence, putting 110% into finding auditions I believe you should go for, putting on productions that I will want to cast you in, putting on Showcases which you will perform in, and getting the best out of you to further your career in acting.

My dedication and focus are on my students and doing everything to get them where they want to be. As I say, it can't and won't happen over-night so patience is just as important as dedication, but I do everything I can for my students, and work hard to make sure I do do everything I can."

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‘Marble Academy’ here in Swinton Manchester, is devoted to tutoring actors who are passionate about acting and are aiming to make it their career.

We are not just a 'drama club' for those who quite like acting, our students have a passion, determination, and a focus on what they want to do and where they want to go. We also work towards putting on theatrical productions, and doing ‘Showcases’ so our students can perform sketches, monologues, and scenes in front of an audience, these are always attended by pre-invited casting directors and agents.
What can come from it?? Well, you get out of it whatever you put in, if you put in the dedication and hard work then you can get from it the possibility of auditions etc, how you perform at those auditions and if you get the parts will be down to your performance, but I dedicate everything I have to every student to make sure they are ready and prepped for any audition they go for, and learn from me, understand, listen, improve and push their boundaries and talent as far as they are willing to go, the more they hold back and don't put in the effort the less they will get from it basically.
Classes include Script Analysis, Belief, Characterisation, Emotions and much more.
































Fees are:
£700 a year (48 classes)
£65 a month (4 classes)
both in advance

(but you are NOT just paying for physical classes, if you need help or tutorage on a day when classes are not on, you can still get in touch with me, I am your tutor from the minute you join to the minute you leave Marble)




Right off the bat I couldn't give Christian enough praise for all he has done for me and my career. He has a wealth of knowledge that could challenge anyone and he makes sure to teach not just the obvious but things like "business" and other little nuances that most tutors miss or simply don't know. I truly believe that he is a hidden gem and if you give him 💯 he will give it back and so much more. If you are serious about improving as an actor and getting a leg up on the competitors then look no further.

David Bradshaw

If your looking for a first-class drama tutor then look no further, Marble Academy’s knowledge, passion and commitment to its students cannot be beaten. If you want to turn your dreams into a reality then get in contact.



Christian has helped me prepare for auditioning on more than one occasion. His insight and comments on the character, the approach to the setting in the script for the character, and the technical aspects of self-taping have been extremely helpful to me. In addition to sharing his expertise, he is very encouraging and affirming when you do something believable and real. That helps to build confidence and makes the whole process of auditioning and self-taping much easier. I strongly recommend you take advantage of his services.



Christian will give as much time and effort needed into helping you become the best you can be. He has helped me no end to getting to where I need to be in the world of acting. He gives so much help that can make you better as an actor. I trust him fully to help with my career

Sophie Harrison


"Marble has been one of the best experiences of my life. I never truly knew what I was capable of until I joined, I remember when I first joined I had tears in my eyes because I was so scared of acting a scene in front of everyone but when I realised how supportive everyone there was I was so relieved. Christian has brought me out of my shell I might still have a lot to work on but from learning what I’ve learned at marble academy there’s always been someone there to have my back. My favourite part is the constructive criticism because Christian often gives us a laugh out of it.

If you are interested and are serious about developing your skills in drama further I can not recommend Marble enough. It’s been one of the best things to happen to me since I moved to Manchester and they’ve improved my confidence more than they will ever know."

 Jessica Alexandra Newby


Christian is a very awesome and amazing fellow. He is an exemplary listener and provides great feedback when you rehearse with him. I love everything about him, and he is just so much fun and I have learned so much from him.

Raf Adame

Last Monday I went on my first class at Marble acting Academy, I am delighted to say I had a great first lesson and feel this is the class I've been looking for, after trying many others this is the one for me. 

If you're looking for a new class, get in touch with Marble Academy 
100% recommend

Stephen Carey Stopford



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